VeganMofo 12: Pomegranates

Three distinct things going on in this post. The first is that those poms were grown in my Maw's yard. They're my favorite fruit and I had no idea they could grow here. All this time I could have been eating local pomegranates. I have no more palpable regret than this.

The second is that my friend Benton's shirt matched them almost exactly.

The third is that this is the first time I've edited a photo before I posted it here. It's evening and the light's not so great, but I don't like using a flash. I just opened up the editor in Irfan View and played with the sliders until it brightened up. I've been meaning to play with some editing but I don't have the funds to invest in anything like Lightroom or Photoshop. Ever since I read Lolo's blog about food photography, I've been trying to push myself to take better pictures. This one I did of the spring rolls may be my best ever, but this one's not bad.

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