VeganMofo 10: Deep Fried Oreos

I don't know why I was craving these. They were good, but I think they were better in my imagination. I used this recipe, but for some reason my batter came out a little lighter. That was okay, though. I mean, like I said, they were good, but I'm in a bad mood and I guess I needed something a little more familiar or comfortable. I don't even especially like oreos (or in this case, generic oreos). Maybe I'll be in a better mood tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! I'm intrigued.

icywolf said...

try just making a vegan pancake batter, just add a little more flour than normal so its a little thicker and it is very important to use double stuffd oreos, the generic ones do not work as well, the extra icing really makes a difference. Trust me, I make these about once a week and I have tried everything from peanut butter oreos to hershey kisses(for my non vegan friends). the double stuffs are the best!!