Holiday Update

The holidays were crazy. My best friend Jett was in town and I've spent most waking moments with him. I'm currently moving (back in with my mom while I study for the bar exam and look for a place of my own), so I may not have a good update again for a while. I got a beautiful rice cooker from my mom. She's been so adorable about me going back to being vegan. She let me bring my own dinner over on Christmas without fussing about it (Chickpeas Romesco from Veganomicon) and she even made vegetarian black-eyed peas, rice with vegetable broth, and cabbage with no butter for New Year's Day.

Updates to come: tea obsession, as promised, and apple caramel spice cupcakes.

If you need a refreshing dose of food porn, try the Vegan With A Vengeance flickr group. I drool over this shit daily.

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