Tea Obsession

Even though bar review class is trying to crush my delicate little soul, I promised an entry about tea. When I was in high school, everyone always wanted to go to coffee shops. Something about the 90's and being too young for bars. I quickly discovered, however, that I really don't like coffee. I'll drink it every now and then with lots of milk and sugar, but it's not the kind of thing I really enjoy. This led to me drinking a lot of hot chocolate and steamers, as well as a decent amount of tea.

I prefer loose teas, but I try not to be a snob about it. I've had some perfectly good bag teas, especially now that some mainstream companies are making the bags big enough to let the leaves expand. However, my favorite way to make tea is in my adorable cast iron teapot, pictured here. I got it last time I was in St. Louis visiting my friend Shane, and it's amazing. So, here are my three favorite online tea shops. Take a look, have fun, you know.

Teavana, where I got my little teapot and some delicious jasmine green tea pearls.
Adagio Teas
Tea's Me, where I indulged my habit when I lived in Indiana.

I wish I could talk more about tea, but I really enjoy it all too much to be picky. I can say that if you have a nice glass tea cup you should check out the display teas at adagio. They're kind of trendy but really fancy looking.

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