Beanie Weenies

I sometimes get inexplicable cravings for trashy foods: sloppy joes and chili mac and cheese were both recent, and today came yet another in the form of beanie weenies. Here's my lunch, with the aforementioned trailer park cuisine sitting next to a baked sweet potato and some green beans. I just dumped a can of vegetarian baked beans in a pot and cut up a few tofu dogs, added those, and simmered it for a while. I love sweet potatoes because they're supposedly healthier than regular potatoes and just as easy. If you put them in the microwave for about 4 minutes they cook through and the skin just peels off like a jacket. Then I just cut it in half and slathered it in margarine. The green beans were from a can, but much improved with garlic salt. That's my teapot in the background. I'm kind of a tea nerd but that's another post entirely.

And speaking of flavored salts, the beanie weenies were a little bland at first, so I figured it was the perfect canvas on which to try a new favorite product: Bacon Salt. It really was the perfect complement and took the beanie weenies from marginal to spectacular. Check this shit out.

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