Señor Tequila

My friends Kate and Sarah were talking this morning about how they didn't mind clothes you had to dry clean because it offered a great excuse to go to Señor Tequila. At some point in the discussion, we decided we didn't need an excuse and agreed to meet for an early lunch at the South University location. I got an order of nachos with beans, vegetables, and guacamole. The waiter was super nice about my marginally picky order, even though it seemed like he had to write a page and a half of notes about me not wanting cheese. The notes were apparently successful, as the nachos arrived as ordered and were super tasty. Both their beans and their rice are vegan, and they've always been nice about modifying menu items. In fact, the first time I ordered these nachos I was at the Rodney Parham branch and was about to order them with just beans and guac when the waiter was like, "You want some vegetables on those?" Hell yeah I want some vegetables!

In terms of the more prominent local Mexican places, this is my favorite. Hacienda is straight up nasty, which I know it's not cool to say since everyone thinks it's so great, but the beans there taste like cardboard and they put some kind of weird frozen vegetable mix in their rice. Casa Mañana is actually really good, and if you eat chicken try their tortilla soup because it's amazing, but they put sour cream in their guacamole which I've never liked but is especially icky for vegans. I need to get down to 65th street more and try out those places where no one speaks English; I haven't been in years.

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