Studying for the bar exam is total poop. I woke up this morning mentally exhausted from evidence drills last night, and found myself craving pancakes. I totally cheated and used Bisquick, but they're just as easy the traditional way. I've been loving this recipe since I first found it in like 2002. It was not so flower-infested at the time, but it did have the goofy exhortation. I've always been sort of a snob about using real maple syrup, as in I've been known to sneak it into diners in my pocket so I don't have to use the faux corn syrup stuff. I think the only valid reason to deviate is if you really need the sugar free kind for some reason, but it's only like 100 calories for 1/8 cup so just bite the bullet because it's so worth it. The maple syrup they make in Vermont is great, but the really premium shit is from Canada.

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