Noodles for a Sick Girl

It must seem like I get sick a lot. The truth is, I almost never get sick. Before I had that kidney infection a few weeks ago (when I posted the ditalini) I hadn't been sick with anything in over a year. Then that thing takes me out for a few days, followed in short order by one crazy bitch of a cold. I woke up fine on Saturday morning, went to the gym, spent the day with my grandma, and by bedtime I was hacking like a little old man with the consumption. It was on Nigella Lawson's suggestion here that I decided to use udon noodles in my sick girl soup. I didn't follow this recipe, but it turned out pretty yummy. The broth was kind of weak so on the second day I threw it out and just ate the noodles and veggies. I'm better now, so I guess it worked.

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