Salad Love

As the introduction to the salad chapter in Veganomicon suggests, salads are something of an enigma among vegans and vegetarians. People seem to assume it's all we eat and, all too often, it's the only option available at many restaurants. But I have a confession: I love salads. I love them with all kinds of fancy toppings. The one I made for lunch last Thursday, pictured here, was topped with lemon oregano soy feta, sliced strawberries, clementine sections, chopped walnuts, and a light honey mustard vinaigrette. The one I had for dinner Friday night had crushed tortilla chips, salsa, mozzarella, and chili. Especially when I'm trying to watch calories, salads are such a staple food for me, but the stereotype is the reason you don't see my lunch fare more often.

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